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Ecommerce Platforms Compared

Shopify is best use case for $0 to $1M ish, depending on product line, how many transactions that makes up, and if their are some custom things that are not possible on Shopify that realistically lead to huge gains that would cover more costs of a custom solution with something like Magento.

I recommend Shopify to everyone starting out.

That’s what we used at Diamond Candles up until about a $5M run rate. We were/are growing quickly so we hit a point where payoff of customizing checkout flow, add of social sign on, etc. that could not be done because of Shopify, would cover and surpass costs of a more custom option.

Best to think about this simplistic example.

Ecom Platform Market in 3 Buckets:

  1. Starting out: $0-$1M ish
  2. Wow looks like you have a business, congrats: $1M-$20 or 50ish
  3. You are/could be publicly traded on the stock market: $50M+

Take a look at usage #’s for market share size from independent third party analytics tools from Builtwith:

Just because something is found on the web more isn’t the full picture.

Ex: I could make a blogging platform and have a bunch of scripts and bots install it on millions of domains and I would have majority of the market for blogging platforms (ya that would take a while and isn’t a realistic scenario but you can get the point). Continue Reading

picture taking woman

Amazon paved the way for purchase of any physical good without requiring the physical presence of the buyer.

Facebook created a network for anyone to communicate with anyone and to create a sense of identity in a digital way.

Apple gave the world photography for the masses and the platform to distribute it to other channels. Continue Reading